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Have you ever wanted a planner who focused solely on your needs, instead of product pitches? Who had a business that allowed them to work with clients approaching retirement, but also those just starting out? Let us be your sounding board that can offer our expertise and counsel, so you can have the confidence around your financial choices that you're seeking.

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Upperline Financial Planning provides a fresh take on the financial planning process. As a fee-only financial planning firm, we are paid only by our clients, allowing us to place your family's needs and priorities above all else. Learn more about us and what makes us different by clicking the button below.

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The Upperline Blog

Five Steps from Retirement Savings to Retirement Income

For years, we’ve been talking to clients as an industry about the need to save. Put money into your 401k, contribute to your IRAs, and one day you’ll be ready to retire and that savings will become income for you.

Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early? 5 Questions to Consider

What’s your interest rate? – The interest rate on your loans plays a critical role in deciding if paying them off early is a good investment. Student loans that were consolidated several years ago likely have a quite low interest rate.

Frustrated With Your Partner? Here’s Your Task

I often find when I talk to clients, they’re frustrated with a specific financial trait that their partner has. Lately I’ve been saying something different to these clients, and hopefully it is both useful and true.

Cash is King – It’s Useful For More Than Mattress Stuffing

I seem to be having conversations with clients daily about cash. We talk about how little they spend in cash anymore, the pennies in interest they are earning in their savings or money market accounts, and about how much they should be keeping in cash at all.